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Choosing kids’ room lights and care about the reading environment

09/21/2015 17:37

Requirement about lighting:
1)wall sconce would be installed in the wall
2)Kids are very happy and curious, that could be equipped with strong curious about everything, especially for young kids. If you install the wall sconce lighting in the room, we had better not let the wire fold, in case of the toys for fun, that could be with leakage danger. In addition to, parents would be equipped with dimming switch, that could be convenient at night.

Second install the cover
As for young people,naughty baby would be laughed by kids. Because of the naughty characters, you had better notice the safety of plug. In general, there is not cover for the plug, so for the kids’ safety, we had better choose the safety shutter, or we could shut down the plug which could be closed automatically.

wall sconce lighting

Third equip with the shade
If the parents choose the lights for kids, if the kids are very young, we had better not choose the touchable lights which could let us touch. In case of the bulb would burn the skin. You had better choose the enclosed light, or we could add the protecting shade outside the bulb. In addition to, in case of the leakage danger in kids’ room.

Fourth install multiple plugs
Kids’ room is very comfortable, no matter you study, play or invite the friends, that could be went through in this place. Since the lighting position would be serious than the adults, in case of the suffering load in the point. In general, considering the study, entertainment and storage, at least there is 6 pcs of plugs, in addition to, there are two installed on the study, others could be installed in the corner.