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Tiffany lamps of mass production

07/16/2015 17:22

Wealth makes him become the high end production of material. His glass making up could employ the workers, the best glass material would proceed the theory into the new products, then the effect would be the patent. Finally the different kinds of glasses could be made.

His boutique handmade glass could be the special type of new art, the type is slim and technology, with the colorful colors and theory. Tiffany Style Lamps could be made of multi patterned, which could make the pattern, that could show the leaves and flower.

Tiffany Style Lamps

Through the construction line, we could combine the glass and pieces, which make the glass full of material, the glass could be equipped with colorful background to show the pattern of the flower, the straight plaid and soft color would make the glass shinning. Whole glass could be equipped with colorful pieces.

if you want to tell the difference between halogen powder and three color lamp powder, we could turn on the two lights, put the hand near the tube, under the halogen light, our hand is white and not true, but under the three color lamp powder, our hand would be the original color like hands.