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What is ceramic lamps?

08/12/2015 17:36

Ceramic lamp is a ceramic material made into a lamp. Ancient ceramic lamp mainly refers to the vessel containing kerosene or candle and lamp base is a ceramic material. Modern ceramic lamp shade is mostly ceramic ceramic material, a few ceramic lamp is a ceramic lamp base material, similar to the ancient ceramic lamp.

Ceramic lamp

Ceramic lamp base, the development of modern ceramic lamp soundest, the oldest ceramic lamp, and ancient ceramic lamps are similar, that is, the base is made of ceramic. Now see ceramic base lamp lights, basically it is a ceramic base, the base is mounted on top of the fabric shade, which can put a light shade.

Ceramic lamp base on the processes and uses are more limited, relatively simple style, most changes in the ceramic base. Ceramic base material, style, but mostly spherical, square, oval, vase shape.